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Our beloved Replica's Fighting Falcon. To me, the most beautiful dog in the world. A joy to sow, and a greater joy to live with. I am so happy we had the chance to share our home with him. A gentle, sweet soul who asked for so little but gave us so much.

Our beloved cat. Came in as a stray, and decided to stay with me. She passed away at the age of 17. A true lady, with flawless manners and the sweetest temperament.

Zima Iz Zoosfery, the most faithful dog in the world. She would have given her life to protect her loved ones, a true old-fashioned Doberman. She was so strong and healthy, until one evening she suddenly collapsed. Zabbath almost reached 10 years of age.

Emanatio's Attis, my very first whippet and dear friend. He was so much more than just a dog... How blessed I am to have known you! Zombie passed away nearly 12 years old, due to an old neck-injury. I learned so much from him, and I will allways be thankful for the lessons he taught me and the friendship we shared.

Replica's Black Pussycat, the sweetest girl ever. Our keep from the B-litter. She decided she would rather stay with Petter and be spoiled rotten than be in a pack of dogs, so she found herself the perfect home.
Kaffe had wonderful movements when she was outside the ring... A successfull LC-dog and the mother of our E-litter. Unfortunately, she broke her neck in a tragic accident, only four years old. She will be deeply missed.

Replica's Desert of Wadi Rom. The dog with the longest nose. He stayed with us for a few months before he found the perfect home, where he was loved and pampered just as he deserved.  Unfortunately, he got stomach dilatation with following pneumonia and several complications. After a while it became clear he would never recover, allthough he was given the best possible medical care, and was put to sleep at the age of three. Much too young, and so deeply missed.

These animals have all been a part of our "Replica-family". But there has also been others in the past, and we won't forget you- so rest in peace Jack, Monsen, Puffen, Tiny, Baby, Conan and Tvisyn. Thank you all.